Accurate Bookkeeping & Accounting to track your business’s health Experts at gaining you the maximum refund allowed by law Professionals in the formation of LLC’s and Corporations Our bilingual staff is ready to be of service


We proudly service every taxpayer in Greensboro, North Carolina and the surrounding suburbs through our main office located at 1105 Wendover Avenue, Suite D, Greensboro, North Carolina. As well as servicing through our satellite office in the areas of Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.

Because we are part of the Los Taxes franchise system, and have bilingual staff, we offer tax related services to the Latino communities as well in each office.

Taxation knows no boundaries! Each US resident that earns income is required to file an annual tax return regardless of location or cultural background. As such, we follow the same format established by the government and we offer our services to everyone, regardless of cultural background, income or personal beliefs, and treat every client with equal dignity and respect.

Doing our part to supply our services to anyone who may need them, a visit to our office will prove to be a welcoming, financially rewarding experience.

What we do

We humbly offer the following services to taxpayers and business owners for their benefit:


Whatever the level of assistance needed in the areas of immigration our team is ready to be of service with: the correct filing of forms, translations, ITIN application process, passport assistance, Green Card, Dream Act and

Tax Preparation

Professionally trained and IRS certified to assist taxpayers with their annual tax filing responsibilities, our staff is accustomed to working with clients at every income and taxable level for tax preparation.


Obtaining multiple degrees from extremely reputable universities and the designation of Enrolled Agent from the IRS, our office staff is more than qualified to adequately manage the accounting responsibilities of your business to properly organize your business’s financial affairs.


Businesses that employ people also bear the task and responsibility of payroll for those that are in its employ. This task of generating payroll carries with it the requirement of not just generating payroll checks for the employees, but also the generation and filing of state and federal forms by required dates of taxes withheld and paid to the proper sources.

Business Formations

Vehicles such as LLC’s (Limited Liability Corporations), Incorporations, Trusts and more can be effective tools for business and investment practices if properly established and maintained.


As a business creates cash flow/income, the need arises to maintain books recording the income generated, as well as the costs associated with that income and any expenses that the business bears from operating.

Unmatched service

While we humbly service our client’s needs? it is with pride that we offer client satisfaction with:
Gaining the Largest Tax Refunds Allowed by Law
Supply a Picture of Your Business’s Health
Gain & Maintain Governmental Compliance
Forming the Business Entities that Suit Your Needs
Establishment of Records, Budgets and Profit Forecasts

About T/E Accounting & Tax

It is our extensive experience and track record in accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll and business services combined with our personal touch that help us stand above other options, locally or online.

Established by Mary Ann Adams, T/E Accounting & Tax, is a professional tax and accounting firm offering tax related services and business services to individuals and business owners in the areas of Greensboro, North Carolina and Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.

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Our Experts

Enrolled Agent Certification

Expert at audit and analysis of individual and corporate financial information and statement for completeness and accuracy

You are smart, and you know that you deserve an expert handling your tax
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