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Professionally trained and IRS certified to assist taxpayers with their annual tax filing responsibilities, our staff is accustomed to working with clients at every income and taxable level for tax preparation.

The playing field for personal and business tax preparation is an ever-changing one. It is imperative, as a taxpayer or small business owner, that you hire a highly trained, competent outlet for all your tax filing needs, that practices continuing education methods to stay on top of, and ahead of the curve of, the changes affecting tax deductions, tax rules and legislative adjustments.

With decades of experience in the tax preparation field, servicing countless thousands of clients, our team of professionals is qualified to service your tax preparation needs for both personal tax and small business tax filings.

As a Los Taxes franchisee, with bilingual staff, whether for the current tax season, previous seasons, or multiple seasons, we stand ready to work for your best interests, lowering your tax liability, while producing your maximum tax refund allowed by law.